Manuscript back from the Editor and Book Title Confusion

Got my manuscript back from the editor early this morning and am roughly a quarter of the way through it. I love the suggestions and changes made. It cleans up the wording nicely, allowing the story to take center stage.

If any of you read through my blog post regularly you’ll be aware that I hate editing. It bores me to tears. This time I seem to have turned a corner with the whole editing process. With my editors suggestions in mind I seem to be getting through it much easier. Maybe it’s the confidence from having someone (who’s not your significant other, mother or anyone else too close) else look at your work and not instantly reject it as a waste of their valuable time. It’s a nice feeling.

When I tried editing and I mean heavy editing, so content, structure etc. all on my own I think I failed to acknowledge that I was far too close to the story. I either never wanted to change a thing or I wanted to rewrite the whole lot. I think someone needed to have me step into the middle and point me in the right direction. I suppose it’s like trying to climb Everest without a Sherpa, you might make it but in a far worse condition and with a few wrong turns in the process.

I’m also throwing up changing the title. I called it ‘The Vanishing’ originally as there is a little bit of disappearing people here and there but when I think of that title I can’t get the 1993 movie with Keifer Sutherland out of my head… so I came up with the title ‘Thin Air’ as in vanished into…. still not sure though.

Let me know what you think?

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